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Apr 16th:

Day one of bass recording...album 15! @megadeth #album15

Apr 12th:

Viva Mexico City!!! Bass concert and clinic tonight!! #Juegos y Espectaculos RP at R&R Live #metal @megadeth

Apr 8th:

My signature bass tones now modeled and available in the new Peavey ReValver software bundle. Pick one up now!! Peavey Electronics Megadeth

Hangar18 LH1000 Hangar18 XL 4.5 Hangar18 Drive 4x10 BC Bird Classic Bass Input ACT library Peavey Zodiac Bass Input ACT library C-Thrasher Bass Input ACT library Grinder CE-Bass Chorus Pedal Graphical equalizer 5022 Hartley Peavey Drive | Meridian, MS 39305 US This email was sent to . To ensure that…

David Ellefson ReValver Bundle Available Now!

Apr 4th:

Mexico City!!!! Clinic on April 12.

Apr 3rd:

All star rehearsal at Berklee College of Music tonight for the Right Turn concert tomorrow night!! With Warren Haynes, Gary Hoey, Steve Bailey, Simon Kirke and Tony Smith

Apr 1st:

Come join me for this unique speaking engagement and book signing at the Central Arizona College next week April 7.

Mar 31st:

Spoken Word/clinic event at Berklee College of Music Thursday April 2. #mylifewithdeth

Mar 31st:

"This performance for Right Turn is a way to celebrate life and freedom through music. I can’t think of a better way to carry the message of hope than through the power of song.” — Megadeth bassist David Ellefson, who will join the Right Turn band Saturday.

Rockers from The Allman Brothers Band, Megadeth, Extreme, Bad Company and The Del Fuegos perform at the April 4 fund-raiser for Right Turn addiction treatment center in Arlington.

Addiction Almost Took My Music Away—Rock Stars Play Benefit For Treatment Center

Mar 30th:

I'll be participating in a charity concert event at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA this Saturday April 4 to remember the fallen musicians from addictions and alcoholism.

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