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Sep 1st: I get the esteemed title of "professor" this week at the Warwick Bass Camp 2014! Feeling honored.....
Aug 31st: A true German schnitzel for lunch today!
Aug 30th: YEAH!!! It's finally here!!! My brand new Jackson Kelly Bird V Signature bass.... check it out, I think you'll dig it!!! Megadeth Jackson Guitars - Official!
Aug 29th: A new track I participated in with my British colleagues Johnny Wore Black. Releases Monday, September 1. Johnny Wore Black
Aug 29th: Off to Germany today for the Warwick Gitarre & Bass "Bass Camp 2014". See you there if you're in the area! &bass
Aug 27th: Hello me, meet my new alarm clock! This should be loud enough to get me up when I'm at home...the most metal alarm clock ever!!
Aug 27th: American American Music Supply Hartke giveaway
Aug 27th: Kissin' cousins in the studio with me this week.
Aug 26th: Mo' bass today.....


Sep 22, 2014:
Megadeth @ Motörhead’s Motörboat in Miami, FL


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