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Dec 16th:

This one has some people up in arms... oh well! Johnny Wore Black

Dec 15th:

New interview with Ultimate Guitar on Johnny Wore Black and lyric writing bassists Ultimate-Guitar.com Altitudes & Attitude http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/interviews/interviews/dave_ellefson_ive_always_been_a_big_fan_of_lyric-writing_bass_players.html

Dec 14th:

Something's looming.... Megadeth

Dec 9th:

Some fun memories of one of the true greats and a great friend to us all...Dimebag!! Frank BelloLoudwire Pantera Anthrax

Dec 8th:

Looking forward to seeing our friends in Australia in the New Year!!! Taperjean Records Jackson Guitars - Official!

Dec 7th:

Happy Holidays!!

Dec 6th:

Met the lovely Scarlett Johansson at the Vice Media 20th anniversary party tonight. Definitely a fan!! Megadeth Scarlett Johansson


January 21, 2015
Metal Allegiance at winter NAMM


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