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Oct 20th:

New autographed paperback copies of "My Life With Deth", "Metal Bass" DVDs and more now available in the online store at

Oct 19th:

Thank you to the wonderful people of Medicine Hat Alberta Canada last night for hosting a Guitar Church event where we talked about "My Life With Deth" and all things regarding "Faith, Hope & Heavy Metal"

Oct 17th:

Here we go again...taking the Metal Allegiance on another cruise for the sake of all things Metal!!! See you on Shiprocked February 2-6, 2015!!!! It's gonna rock.... Shiprocked Cruise Metal Allegiance Jackson Guitars - Official!

Oct 17th:

Jackson Kelly Bird signature head stock.. Available now in four and five string models

Oct 16th:

Filming some promo spots for my new signature Kelly Bird five string bass at Jackson Guitars today...this bass does rock!!!

Oct 15th:

The new signature Kelly Bird arrived at Sweetwater Sound today. Looks like the perfect metal "studio axe" !!!! Sweetwater Sound Jackson Guitars - Official!

Oct 12th:

Rockin' our bass master class at Sweetwater Sound... Horns up!!

Oct 11th:

Frankie and I kicking' out some jams with the house band at The Guest House in Fort Wayne, IN last night.



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